How do you apply to American universities if you are an international student?

How do you apply to American universities if you are an international student?
Please, can someone explain to me the whole college process? How do I apply? How much does it cost to apply( I’m not talking about tuition). What kind of exams will I need to take? What else will I need( recommendation letters, etc.)How can I get a scholarship(what do they evaluate)?I understand that I will have to chose something like a specialty. I was wondering when will I have to do that. If I want to study medicine where do I have to apply? Thank you in advance.

In the US, the cost of application depends on which college you’d like to attend. Some colleges or Universities are more willing to work with international applicants than others – for instance, some will accept IB testing in place of the ACT or SAT (the two most common US entrance exams). Generally, an application will require a copy of your transcripts from High School, 2 or more letters of recommendation, at least 1 essay, the results of one or more entrance exam, and information about Financial Aid Requirements. For international students, and English Fluency exam might also be required. Many school in the US accept the Common Application –… – which allows you to write one application and send it to several colleges, rather than writing a different application to each school you’d like to attend. In the US, very few programs require you to declare your Major (main area of study) before you attend the school.
Scholarships vary from school to school, and are evaluated differently than need based financial aid. Scholarships can be given for excellence in any field, or for experience in extracurricular activities, or for general academic excellence. If you are interested in scholarships, you can look for a scholarship associated with the school of your choice, or with a regional or nationally administered scholarship.
If you want to study Medicine in the US, you must complete a Bachelor’s Degree (that’s what you get after 4 years of college), in any subject area. During that time, you must complete the Pre-Medicine requirements for application to Medical School (Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Writing, Human Biology, etc – you’ll have an adviser to help you choose these courses once you get accepted to a college), and take the MCAT. Once you’ve completed your pre-med courses and taken the MCAT, you can apply to Medical School (usually during your final year of college). Medical School takes another 4 years: 2 years of lecture based medical courses, and 2 years of clinical rotations through several specialties. After Medical School, you would choose a residency program in the general field of your choice (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, etc.) which will take 3-5 years. Then, you may choose a fellowship in a specialty (Cardiology, Neurosurgery, etc.), which takes another 2-5 years.