How do you argue a responsibility?

How do you argue a responsibility?
I currently have a synthesis essay assignment and I have absolutely no clue how to answer the prompt. The assignment it:

“Prioritize and evaluate the most important responsibilities a country has towards its soldiers before, during, and after war.”

My teacher tells me that this is supposed to be an argumentative essay, but I have no idea how or what to argue. If I identify a responsibility, should I argue why the person/group I identified has that responsibility? Should I argue why that responsibility is important? Why the aforementioned responsibility is a responsibility and not something optional? Why it is more important than other responsibilities? How that responsibility can be fulfilled? How fulfilling it helps soldiers before during or after war?

I have absolutely no idea what to say here.

How to Write an Argument Essay………

Those responsible for ordering our forces to war must be prepared to fully support and assist them when they are injured
It is the nation’s responsibility to take care of its soldiers and the moral responsibility of the inhabitants of the county to realize the value of their service to the nation.