How do you get a photo of a scene off a busy interstate?

How do you get a photo of a scene off a busy interstate?
There is a photo I want to take for not only my photography class but myself as well, but the only problem is I would have to pull over on the side of a busy interstate on a bridge and get out of my car to get the shot. Has anyone ever had a similar issue or have any advice for getting this fantastic shot?

The photo is of the arch bridge outside Richmond, VA that has a railroad on top. Probably won’t help most of you.

I once needed a shot of a busy interstate to get an exit sign for a photo essay I was doing while I was a student at Iowa State University. I found the spot I wanted, pulled off on the shoulder, got out of my car, and took the shot.

I don’t know that doing so is illegal. I do know that doing so can be very dangerous. If you decide to do this, you need to be very mindful of traffic. Pull as far off the road as you can and if you can get out of your car on the side next to the guard rail. I know that shoulders on the interstates are supposed to be for emergency stopping only, and you could possibly get a ticket for stopping just to take a picture. If a State Trouper stops, you will at least get a good talking to about how dangerous stopping to take a picture is.

You might want to try having someone drive you by the spot where you want to take the picture and either shoot through the windshield or an open window. You might have to make several passes to get the excat shot you want, but it’s a much safer alternative to actually getting out of your car. I live about an hour southeast of Richmond, and I know how busy the interstates can get up there.