How do you make an essay shorter?

How do you make an essay shorter?
I am writing an essay for admission into a high school and i tend to write long essays. The requirements for the essay is that it must be handwritten (no typing) and has to be no more than one page. My essay is about 2 pages. How can I make it shorter so it fits on 1 page.

You have to write an essay to get into high school?? Wow, how things have changes…

I’d start by writing a list of all the points you want to address then write about them in order from most important to least important. Then start writing, dropping off those topics that don’t fit within the length requirement. You may not be able to cover all your topics, but this way you are sure to cover the most important ones.

I would also ask one of your English or Language Arts teachers. They may have some good suggestions.

Also, use college-ruled or thin-ruled paper. You’ll have more lines per page.