How do you quote an article in an essay?

How do you quote an article in an essay?
Like when you quote a book you would put in the essay something like (Hemingway 31).

How would you do this with an article from the internet, in MLA format?

As far as i know you just write the last name of the author and then the title of the article in quotations,
like this
One online film critic stated that Fitzcarraldo is “…a beautiful and terrifying critique of obsession and colonialism” (Garcia, “Herzog: a Life”).

but if the article has page references and it has been published, then you need to put it as you cited above. Plus you will also have to cite the article as such – meaning in the citation page you have to cite and mention the journal name as well, go to
– and check the periodicals or electronic sources – which should help a lot.