How do you set up a video for youtube?

How do you set up a video for youtube?
hey guys.just wanted to know how to set up a video for youtube-how do you switch off cameras? How do you write a script? etc? I dont want it to just be a person talking into a camera

I wrote a process essay on this for my english class.
A better question to ask is, “how to make a video?”
First off, you need an idea. Brainstorm or fool around till you come up with one.
Next, write down or type your idea.
Next, Develop the idea.
You might’ve thought of a murder mystery or an action video instead.
Add to the idea, but leave some room for improvisation.
that’s your script right there.
Next you gotta come up with what camera you’re using, most cameras come with an instruction manual, if you can’t find it, then fool around with your camera until you are comfortable.
Then, find a video editor you like. For windows, Windows Movie Maker/Windows Live Movie Maker comes with it for free. For Macs, Imovie comes along with it.
Practice the video editor so you can at least put clips together and cut out mistakes.
Most modern camera’s use SD cards so if you a SD card slot in your computer/laptop, you just put it in and you can use it.
Some cameras come with cords so you can plug your camera into the computers usb slot.
There are SD card slot adaptors for usb drives. They add a place to put your SD card.
Simce I have limited room on yahoo answers, I can’t answer everything. However, youtube accepts most video files.
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