How do you start a compare/contrast essay?

How do you start a compare/contrast essay?

You begin with an introduction to the subject matter, then you state which things are similar (maybe two you can develop fully) and which things are different (again, 2 you’re confident with).


To someone well versed in computers, PCs and Macs may seem like different brands of the same machine; however they are not the same. Both are computers, and they do share many similarities, but there are also differences to be noticed as well. PCs generally come with Microsoft software and incorporate parts made by many companies. Macintosh computers have their own operating system called Mac OS, and they make all their own parts. If you’re just interested in a computer that works and you don’t care how, either one might work, but to the computer aficionado, it is important to both compare and contrast the two machines.

Your next paragraphs would break down the differences and the similarities you listed in your introduction.

Good luck!