How do you start a essay about a topic that is called Who am i?

How do you start a essay about a topic that is called Who am i?
my teacher told us to do a essay about ourselves. She said don’t include your background. she said you have to look deeper of who you are.

There’s this girl I know, a girl who has always railed against bullies. When she was 2, she stared down a bull. A couple kids threw her brother’s hat into the bullpen at the neighboring farm and she went in after it. The bull came charging but she just gave him that look. He stopped and she got the hat. Then when she was 4, she bit a bully’s back. He had just gotten her brother in trouble for some oil spilled behind the garage that she knew the bully had done, so the little girl retaliated. At 5, she was suspended twice for beating up bullies. The first time, “little girls don’t hit little boys over the head with metal lunchboxes”, even though he was stealing her brother’s milk money … the second time “little girls don’t kick little boys in the shin with metal toed shoes”, even though he was a foot taller and cutting her in the tetherball line. It’s like the little pipsqeak never had a chance. Well, that little girl grew up, always railing against bullies.

One day, a bad bully picked on her mother. It was a blood clot, felling her Mom like an arrow through the heart. Her mother lived, but the little girl changed her allegiance from the picked on brother to her defenseless mother, helping Mom to write again, to add numbers, to read simple sentences. It took a long time but finally the little girl, who was now a woman, was done. Mom may not have been cured, she may not have been who she started off life as, but she was as whole as one could get.

So that little girl who railed against bullies decided to rail some more … she became a teacher. She fixed little boys fast on the road to becoming bullies. She taught kids to read. She helped kids write. One day, it simply wasn’t enough — the little girl needed more of a challenge. So now the little girl who railed against bullies is teaching teachers how to teach. She still takes her Mom to doctor’s appointments, she still helps little boys not become bullies, but more than that, the little girl grew up knowing just who she was and what her strength was. She no longer bites backs or hits people over the head with metal lunchboxes – but the little girl railing against bullies does it with her fingers on a keyboard. And that is how the little girl still rails against bullies.