How do you start a persuasive essay?

How do you start a persuasive essay?
I am doing a persuasive essay on why global warming is a myth, and why the new presidential cabinet should not pass policies which will cost money to reduce carbon emissions. Yeah yeah i know, don’t lecture me on why I’m wrong, I need help on how to right the first paragraph. How should I open, and transition to the next paragraph?

Draw the listeners in…create a hypothetical as to why the world would be better because there wasn’t interference.

I had an assignment in which I had to against the death penalty…I was able give an insight as to what happens when somebody gets the chair. I had myself convinced the death penalty was COMPLETELY bad.

Use your imagination as to what you would want to hear and then give hard core evidence as to why global warming isn’t happening. Try to give facts (not sure if you’ll find those…not to discourage) and give what could happen if the new cabinet does something different. Or try to find other factors that could be causes things that people blame global warming.

Really go with what your instincts tell you…write it down. Re-read it…change it to make it better. It’s a long process, but as long as you can convince yourself, you should be in good business. When I need things to come out…I just allow myself to type…without really thinking…just letting the words form themselves and then I edit.

Not sure if I was a big help…but hopefully you got something out of it.

Best of luck!!