How do you start a scholarship essay when…?

How do you start a scholarship essay when…?
The prompt is “Discuss your education and career goals, as well as your high school and community involvements.” I just need to start the introduction.


“Like most 18 year olds, I’ve been looking forward to my high school graduation for a long, long time. To be honest, I’d like to think that my impatience is a little bit different. See – I have given a lot of thought to my future – and I really see college as a big time opportunity to open doors. I can’t claim that I know exactly what I want to do, but I’m excited about all of the options that await me. I’ve always thought that I’d like to be a ____, but who knows? That’s the whole point of an education, isn’t it – to really expand the possibilities and open up my future.”

I hope that helps you get started. If you get the scholarship – think about ol’ NotAnyoneYouKnow from Yahoo Answers ;-D

Good luck!