how do you start conclusions to essays?

how do you start conclusions to essays?
I mean like the beginning of the first sentence of the conclusion

Depends on how old you are… If you are in middle school teachers don’t mind stuff like “to conclude…” or “In conclusion…”

In college you want to take a more assertive position, which is hard to demonstrate without having the essay to base it off of. But as an example, if you were writing about economics, and your paper had to deal with taxes on the rich, you could do something like “Reviewing the points above, it is clear that increases taxes on the rich not only would not solve our deficit problem, but could make it worse by crippling growth in the business sector.” The conclusion is not simply restating the intro, you need to have a concluding statement. You’re essay should have some point of view, and you should end on a strong, summarizing statement.