How do you start off a personal statement?

How do you start off a personal statement?
I’m applying as a freshman even though I graduated in 2010 so the university wants a letter on why I took a year off from school. the real reason is because my mom passed away december 2009 and I had to take care of my little brothers and stuff.

how should i start it off? like what do I say?

“Hi this is a personal statement regarding why I took a year off from school.” or what? lol 10 points for best answer!

A personal statement usually includes the following. You need a good attention grabber. In general you want your essay to follow this order:

Paragraph 1-2 attention grabber. Think of an experience in your life that really showcases who you are. Be detailed. Discuss something significant in your life. It could be anything. Or discuss why you want to be in your profession or what story inspired you to study what you are studying.

Paragraph 3-4. Highlight your academics: GPA, classes. What skills you learned in class that will help in succeeding in college. Awards and honors that you have received. Sports or clubs that you are in.

Paragraph 5. Jobs that you have had that relate to your major? Any other things about yourself that you want to include

Paragraph 6: Conclusion. In this conclusion you may want to re-state your main qualifications. You can also include any of the following statements: My goal is…. I deserve this scholarship because….

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