how do you write a book report?

how do you write a book report?
Even though im a college freshman now, and already have 58 credits, a third of which are english, i have never written a book report. We analyzed books in Highschool, created thesis’s, and wrote two ton of essays,including a couple MLA format Research papers. Im flabbergastedd as what i should do, i have no experiencee with this kind of writing.

Knowing how to write a good, effective paper is extremely important. Having the ability to communicate and argue a point is an essential skill for success. In particular, writing a paper about a book or piece of literature requires great care. However, once you have an idea of a basic structure to follow when writing a paper, you will have everything you need to write an effective one. The heart that beats at the center of any paper is the thesis. The thesis is a basic idea or point that is being proven in your paper. Basically, it outlines the purpose of the essay and presents your argument. In college, it is not enough to simply summarize a novel. Instead, you have to pick it apart, find a meaning in it, and then proceed to prove the impact that meaning has on the piece and world. It can be overwhelming, but a thesis can be broken down to its most basic format by using this equation: In ____, the author demonstrates ___ by (A), (B), (C). Present the argument first, then follow it up with general support from the text.

Once you have your thesis, you are prepared to write the rest of your paper. The introductory paragraph should be centered on the thesis, eventually introducing it to the paper.

In the body paragraphs, I suggest using the claim, data, warrant structure. Basically what you want to do is begin every paragraph with a claim, a general statement (kind of like a thesis for the paragraph) that outlines what you will talk about in that section. Then, the data, textual support/evidence, should be used to reinforce the claim. Lastly, the warrant will tie up the paragraph by summarizing your argument and beginning the transition into the next paragraph.

If you think about it, your book report as a whole could be viewed from a claim, data, warrant standpoint. The introduction and thesis is the claim, the body is the data, and the conclusion is the warrant. Therefore, in the final paragraph, you want to lightly summarize the points you covered in the report. To make a satisfying conclusion, you also might want to include how the topic of your paper relates to a broader idea, whether it has to do with the novel as a whole or the world in general.

I hope this helps!!!:)