How do you write a cause and effect essay?

How do you write a cause and effect essay?
I’m writing a cause and effect essay on shopping addiction. First of all, do you think this is a good topic? Second, I was thinking i would highlight the causes of one being addicted to shopping ie. insecurities, peer pressure, etc. However there are also effects like it can result in money issues. I’ve never written a cause and effect essay so I’m just wondering how it is suppose to be organized. thanks.

Step 1:
Present an event, phenomenon or trend. This will be the cause and the starting point of your essay. You should explain the background of the cause in significant detail so your reader understands the basis of your paper.

Step 2:
Explain the effects of your event, phenomenon or trend. You should continually refer back to the cause to make links and connections between the cause and effect. Links and connections will help your audience effectively process the cause and effect.

Step 3:
Limit your major points. While there may be multiple causes or multiple effects in any given relationship, limit your points depending on the length of your essay. Too many points will only confuse your reader.

Step 4:
Organize your essay effectively. A good model to follow is a thesis statement that presents your event, phenomenon or trend at the beginning of the essay. Each subsequent body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that explains the cause or effect up for discussion.

Step 5:
End with a recap of the causes and effects discussed in your essay. In complicated essays like cause and effect, it’s important to revisit the major points and the overall idea of your essay so the reader can tie together your thoughts.