How do you write a college essay?

How do you write a college essay?
I understand I could just Google this but I have some personal questions.
1. What do i title the essay?
2. Do I use MLA or APA format? (I’m writing essays for Texas and Minnesota)
3. How long show the essay be?
4. What do I use for detail/evidence for my points?

I’m a little confused – are you requesting assistance on writing a personal statement for a college application? Or an essay for a class in college (an assignment)?

If you’re talking about your personal statement, you may not need to come up with a snappy title – it’s your personal statement, and could simply be titled “Vala Burnett – Personal Statement”, or not titled at all (because it’s going into the application under the personal statement section). Since it’s not a research paper, you don’t need to worry about APA or MLA formatting. Personal statements usually include guidelines for length (limit of 500 words, for example). Detail and personalization will be good for your essay, because it will allow your personality to shine through.


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