How Do You Write a College-leveled Essay?

How Do You Write a College-leveled Essay?
Ok, so i’m a junior in high school, but i’m taking some of my core classes at my local community college. I’m so used to writing papers for my high school, that i didn’t realize how much different college would be. So anyways, i started each part of my essay like writing out the questions and basically repeating everything that he went over in the class. I passed my test part, but i wish i would have done better on the essay part. So what tips could i use to improve my essay writing skills? Thanks in Advance :)!

This is what you should do:

1) Have a good opening hook statement
2) Briefly explain what you’re going to cover in the essay (i.e., author and title or the topic in a broader sense)
3) Come up with a good thesis statement and procedural statement (what you’re going to cover in the body of the essay)
4) Write 3 paragraphs covering your procedural topics and include evidence, such as quotes. Explain the evidence in your own words and how it relates to your thesis statment
5) Come up with a conclusion paragraph to wrap the whole essay up.

Of course, this should all be in the form of an introduction, body, and conclusion, and you should use concepts from class to make the instructor feel obligated to give you credit.