How do you write a decent essay?

How do you write a decent essay?
I dont get how can people write a 10pg essay. When I’m writing an essay, i somehow put what 1pg info into 2 sentences bs. Someone sent a site on writing a detail essay?

for instances look at this:,pageNum-57.html – If I have to write an essay on the same topic, my essay will only be a paragraph bs

It’s all in the organization, and in selecting a topic which has enough depth for you to write to the required length.

Pay attention, because this basic essay lesson will serve you in high school, college, and business, should your future include that.

You start an essay with a topic sentence. Let’s say it’s “Europe was barbaric until the Romans invaded.” You expand on that with your hypothesis, a conclusion you have drawn from the topic: “The invading troops instilled in Europe’s backward culture the core values of the world’s most advanced culture at the time, affecting the development of arts and literature in all of Europe for the next five centuries.” (I’m making this up, BTW.)

Then you create supporting sentences, each of them propping up your conclusion on the topic. “Julius Caesar made sure all his soldiers could read.” “Romans valued art and shared this love with the natives through graffiti.” “Invading armies gave art supplies to women and children, knowing the men would confiscate and use them.” “Soldiers off duty frequently staged classical plays for the locals and taught them stagecraft.” And so on.

For each supporting sentence, you write one or more paragraphs which back it up with facts and cite their sources. Again, inventing facts to serve this example: “Caesar was the first dictator who brought the written word to the masses, insisting all free children be taught reading and simple arithmetic, according to Pliny in “Pliny’s Big Book of Rome.” Since Caesar’s rule was long, within his lifetime the children whose education he demanded became his soldiers, as well as merchants, traders, and skilled workers. He and his generals were therefore able to issue written orders to soldiers and military support which they could not misinterpret or forget. Documents from the Libraria Roma include instructions to armorers, orders for locations at which troops were to regroup after battle, and ‘shopping lists’ for the wagons which followed troops and supplied their food.”

Your supporting paragraphs, done right, will be fairly long, and if you have enough support for your thesis and the conclusion you draw from it, you will reach the required length easily. If you run short, you are not backing up the supporting paragraphs with facts or quotations and citing their sources, or you have too few supporting statements.

Conclude your essay with a reiteration of your conclusion and a summary of the supporting statements. “Because Caesar instilled in his troops an abiding love and respect for the arts, they could not help but infuse every culture Rome overran with those values.”