How do you write a good essay?

How do you write a good essay?
Im not a good writer..
I dont even know how to start my essay -.-
its about Law and Order

It depends on what the teacher wants. If she/he want’s a 5 paragraph essay than this is how it should be set up

1. Introduction/thesis – This just means your introduction. You can introduce with something like a startling fact, or a question. Your introduction should be about 2-3 sentences long, and then you should stick your thesis in. Now I don’t know if you mean Law and Order as in the show, or just general law and order, but your thesis could be ‘Law and Order is a good show because (list about 3 reasons here)’ or ‘It is good to have law and order in our country because (list 3 reasons here). Now, you move on to the next three paragraphs.

2. This is your first paragraph. Now, a paragraph should be about 5 sentences long, just so you know. Your first paragraph is basically going to be the first reason in your thesis statement. For example, if your thesis statement said ‘it is good to have law and order because it keeps people safe, it helps people differentiate from right and wrong, and it builds good morals’ (don’t actually use that, it’s just an example, and it sucks), then this paragraph would be about ‘it keeps people safe’.

3. The second paragraph is the same thing, except you’re writing about your second reason in your thesis.

4. Same as above, except third reason.

5. This is the closing paragraph. Basically you’re going to want to restate your thesis, so for example, you could say ‘So in conclusion, it is good to have law and order, blah blah blah’

I hope that helped, and good luck!