How do you write a good SAT essay?

How do you write a good SAT essay?
I need as many tips, hints, websites, etc. that i can get, so that i may be able to write a good SAT essay.

1) good spelling
2) good use of paragraphs
3) stay on the topic in question
4) mix up your sentence structure
for example, do not write all your sentences – subject then predicate. Start some sentences with the predicate. Start at least one sentence with an adverb. Start one sentence with a prepositional phrase. Use a queston ? in your writing. Use an exclamatory sentence !! if you can.
5) use a personal example in the essay – if appropriate
“I have found that…”
“personally, I feel that…..
” I remember a time when …..” “so I learned…”
6) A good beginning and introductory paragraph
7) a good ending, summary, In conclusion paragraph
8) write at least 5 paragraphs
9) relax, use 5 – 10 minutes to briefly outline your thoughts, and then write your essay
10) see also
They are the ones who write and score the SAT. There are many other helps at this site.