How do you write a personal exploratory essay?

How do you write a personal exploratory essay?
I have to write a personal exploratory essay for one of my classes, this is something we never covered in class but were expected to know (I’m in university) I have no idea what this or how to write it. We were are supposed to write it about an experience we had preforming in front of an audience. Could someone please lets me know how to write this? What’s expected from this type of essay?

The purpose of an exploratory essay is to inform people about something in particular. This is not an argumentative essay. Therefore when you write an exploratory essay you want to ask yourself some questions. Think about what you would like to know about the topic. Other people will probably want to know those things as well. Your essay should answer those questions. The first paragraph will be your introduction which introduces some of the questions you’re going to answer. It will give only a little bit of broad information about your topic. The second paragraph will draw in the reader with more information and from there you will work at answering the questions you believe people want to know. Make sure to end with a conclusion that ties it all up with a short summary of your information.