how do you write a persuasive essay?

how do you write a persuasive essay?

Remember the techniques:
Anecdotes – A short story to persuade the audience/reader to your point of view, example – Poor old Tom was a lonely, frail cat nobody wanted, until our charity gave him a loving home.
Emotional Language – Appeal to the emotional side of the reader, words like: family, free, kill etc
Repetition – Repeating your point, to drive it home
Pattern of 3 – example, tall, wide and large
Rhetorical Questions – A question that the answer to is obvious, or the reader will already know – ‘Would you really want to deny Evie of an education?’
A variety of sentence structure – simple, complex, compound
More advanced punctuation – ; : –
Personal Pronouns – You, We, Our
Statistics – Facts help to persuade someone to your point of view
Superlatives – words ending ‘ST’ example – “Gillette, the BEST a man can get” – this also helps to disguise opinions as facts.
Simile – saying some is like something else – “the oven was burning LIKE a small sun”
Metaphor – saying something IS something else – “grey iron hair”
Opinion – you’re own thoughts

Obviously you wouldn’t use all of these in one essay, pick and choose to fit your purpose, remember to organise your ideas into paragraphs. Also remember to aim it at your audience.
Good Luck 🙂