How do you write a persuasive essay?

How do you write a persuasive essay?
I need the steps I know the intro then what I get messed up so some help thank you.

Think of an opinion you have and three reasons to support why you believe it, and how would be the best way to resolve the issue in the future.
In the first paragraph, explain what you’re going to write about, who it affects, and why it’s important to you.
Then in the next 3 paragraphs, give your reasons with some examples or statistics to support your reasons. Save your strongest reason for the 4th paragraph.
In the 5th paragraph, your conclusion, think of how you would solve the problem if you have to compromise with others on the issue, or some exceptions to the rule, and how you hope things can change in the future.

Example outline on “Giving out condoms to highschool students”

Intro: Because of the rise in teenage pregnancy and STD’s, I’d like to speak out in favor of schools giving out condoms in school. This is important because……

Paragraph 2: People who disagree say that giving out condoms will encourage teenagers to try sex. This argument is flawed because…….

P. 3. Giving appropriate sex education in schools and providing access to birth control is important because it will prevent A, B and C…

p.4. Although condoms are not 100% safe, they have prevented millions of unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.
(Find some statistics comparing USA teen pregnancy rates, with Germany or Holland where birth control is easily available for teens)

p. 5 In conclusion, I believe that condoms should be given out free of charge in highschools because prevention is far more important than solving problems after they occur. If people disagree with this, they can be abstinent, but to be realistic, most teens are horndogs and…..