How do you write a self-analysis essay?

How do you write a self-analysis essay?
This assignment is for Interpersonal Communications and I’m a sophomore in college.
Here is our assignment:

“There are three dimensions of the self-concept: the private, the person you know yourself to be in quiet moments of self reflection; the ideal self, the person you would like to be; and the public self, the person you present to other people. These three aspects of self influence your interpersonal communication. Before you can improve your communication skills, it is important for
you to analyze your own self-concept. Using all of the completed handouts (handouts being six sheets I gave to family / boyfriend’s family with words describing me. they had to choose the ones they thought described me and that’s my “public self”) as information sources, write a three to five page self-analysis essay. Your essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body of your essay should be divided into four parts: an analysis of your private self, an analysis of your ideal self, an analysis of your public self as seen through the eyes of other people, and a compare/contrast of the three”.
Would really appreciate quick answers, seeing as my essay is due in 4 days.

Here are some websites that will help you.

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