how do you write a thesis?

how do you write a thesis?
how do you develop a good thesis for an english essay?

First: Read the prompt, look for what it is asking. For ex., “Write a well thought out and carefully constructed essay in which you use specific evidence to defend, challenge, or qualify the assertion that entertainment has the capacity to “ruin” society.” In this case, you either agree, disagree, or analyze a certain person’s point of view. This is an opinion/argument essay and will usually allow you to be open, but synthesis essays, etc. force you to be one-sided.

Second: Pick a position. For the above essay, you can either agree, disagree, or analyze. The first two are self-explanatory. However, when you analyze, you are able to speak openly, which may ruin your organization; that is why it may be better to stick with agree or disagree. Remember, you must clearly state your position within your thesis. For a start: “Entertainment does not have the capacity to “ruin” society…” or it does, whichever you choose.

Third: Define your position. In your thesis, not only will you tell the reader what you stand for, you will also tell the reader the topics you will bring up to defend your case. Here’s a start: “Entertainment does not… society because it also has the capacity to be a beneficial aspect of society in that is provides education, moral institutions, and inspiration for creativity.” The things you list will define what your body paragraphs will be about. If you were to write an analysis of the point of view, you can compound it: “I agree that some forms of entertainment do have the capacity to “ruin” society. However…(list possible reasons why it does not).” In this case, you have to explain specific reasons why it does and why it does not in your body paragraphs.

Fourth: You can add a hook if you’d like, or go straight to the thesis. A hook doesn’t have to be creative, it could just be something clever like “‘Ability’ is a concentrated definition of capacity. Certainly, entertainment does have the capacity to “ruin” society; however, …” That would be a good one for an analysis. The hook is usually something irrelevant to the topic(entertainment in this case), but totally relevant to your essay topic.

My intro paracgraph(with thesis) would be: (I am qualifying)
“Living in Southern California, I have experienced the impact of Hollywood on society, as well as the world, first hand. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Hollywood is, most likely, entertainment. Being the vehicle in which Hollywood advertises its themes, it is as influential as anything can get; anyone can agree on that. Entertainment does, indeed have the capacity to “ruin” society; however, entertainment is a product of the people who design it, and its influence can be manipulated to be beneficial to society as well.” My thesis states that I am neither fully for or against the point of view; therefore, I am qualifying. I did not specifically specify my topics in my thesis (usually you will not have the time to), but the base topics are “bad influence” and “good influence.”

That should be it, I suppose. Writing is a skill you learn through practice and experience, in both the real world and in writing itself. Good luck.

Edit: If you’re wondering why I wrote so much, I couldn’t sleep and needed something to make me feel sleepy.