How do you write a very good persuasive essay?

How do you write a very good persuasive essay?
I have to write a Persuasive essay on any thing I like, for junior ap English next year but I kinda forgot the basic things needed to write one so if you could help and just tell me the steps to write a great essay would be great thanks 🙂

Here is the standard outline for a 5-paragraph essay (you can add more paragraphs to the body, if needed, just follow the pattern)


Start with a “hook” and about 2 or 3 sentences of background
Thesis sentence (here is where you give your opinion)
Organizational sentence (here is where you show how your thesis will be supported, by referring to the “support sentences” that lead off each body paragraph

Body Paragraphs (three is a good number to have, each with a different support sentence)

Support sentence (directly supports your thesis. If someone asks “why do you think that?” to your thesis, this sentence provides the answer)
Detail/Example sentences (give details or examples to bolster your support sentence. These can be quotes, statistics, personal experiences, studies, examples, etc. Usually, it is good to have two different detail/examples, and to use about 3 sentences to explain each)


Summary sentences (2 or 3 sentences that summarize everything you just wrote about)
Re-state thesis (re-state your thesis, using different words)
Concluding sentence (most effective is to conclude with a final opinion, prediction, or piece of advice)

Be sure to use good sentence transitions!

You can have more or less than 3 body paragraphs, but 3 is a healthy number. That would make an essay of about 250-300 words.