how do you write an essay answering a question?

how do you write an essay answering a question?
the question says, Define neglect. Was Janette neglected as a child? If so, how was she neglected? Did the parents neglect their children on purpose? why did janette and her parents treat her and her siblings in this way?

the book is called the glass castle.

&nd if anyone has read it, can you please give me three quotes from the book supporting the answer?

I haven’t read the book but this is a good format for writing an essay to answer a question on a text.


In the introduction you tell the reader what you are going to talk about in your essay.

Example: In this essay I am going to define neglect. I am also going to answer the question of whether Janette was neglected as a child. Specifically I am going to say how she was neglected. Once I have outlined how she was neglected I will then write about whether her parents neglected their children on purpose. Lastly I am going to talk about why Janette and her siblings were treated the way they were.


You have a paragraph for each point which you bought up in your introduction.

So with the introduction I gave as an example you would have five paragraphs.


In the conclusion you basically repeat the introduction but answer the questions asked.

Example: In this essay I have defined neglect as the failure to provide adequate care to a child or children in your care. Janette specifically was neglected by her parents not giving her enough food to survive. In my opinion the parents did not neglect their children on purpose. Also in my opinion Janette and her siblings were treated in this way because of a lack of parental knowledge and also a lack of resources.

Keep in mind for my conclusion example that I have not read the book, it’s just an example of how to set out a conclsion.

There is a study guide for this book which has a quotes section in it.