How do you write an interveiw?

How do you write an interveiw?
in my english class we read a play called “twelve angry men” and she told us to write out an interveiw on one of the charactors in it.. and frankly i dont know how.. which is pretty embarasing.. but i dont know if she wants like a script or an essay type thing or what.. so please just help me.. 10 pts to whoever gets me an A!!!! lol

Start by learning to spell “interview.”

An interview is a series of questions and responses.

You pretend to be a reporter, for say, People magazine, and you ask questions to one of the characters, and then record his response.

People: “How id you feel about being chosen for jury duty?”
Juror #3 “I was disappointed at first. I have other stuff that I wanted to be doing, but as the trial developed, I became more involved.”
People: “What do you mean by that?”
Juror #3: “I began to see the significance of hwat we were doing.”