How do you write an opinionated 5 paragraph essay?

How do you write an opinionated 5 paragraph essay?
I am writing an outline for my 5 paragraph essay on :
Who makes a better leader: someone who is loved? or someone who is feared? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

See the thing is, i’m really good at writing papers based on your reactions on novels/movies, but I’m not fully aware on how i’m suppose to format a 5 paragraph essay OUTLINE. Anyone know how I can break this topic down into subtopics?

You need to have a point in each of the body paragraphs that supports your stance. Let’s say you go with “it’s better to be feared.”

I’d start with a concession to the opposition – acknowledge that it’s good to be loved – and then have two reasons why it’s better to be feared.

Thesis: While it’s often pleasant for society and leader when the ruler is beloved, in the long run, it is better if the leader is feared.
Body Paragraph One: It’s good for a leader to be loved.
– illustrate with examples of beloved leaders and what they could do
Body Paragraph Two: It’s better to be feared because it’s easier to ensure stability within your society.
– illustrate with examples
Body Paragraph Three: It’s better to be feared because it helps prevent attacks from outside.
– illustrate with examples