How do you write and pursuaive essay?

How do you write and pursuaive essay?

OK the best way is to use these :
1. flattery..a Intelligent reader like you should understand.
2. emotion 60% of dogs get hurt and abused in a year. does not have to be true.
3. targeting if YOU do not act they could all die.
4. threats if you let this go you will never see it again move now.
5. repetition no food no water no home.better in 3s !!
6. facts. Always good !
7. rhetorical questions (queston not to be answered) have you given your time and money? did you? did it?
then have a topic and a start a middle and a conclusion.
hope your essay goes well !!
good luck Fred !!
i work in advertising the basic stuff that.
spelling and me?????
also puch your ponits and brack up the good Pontis all over the essay.
gl f !!
do not make it to long then people get board.