How do you write/make a lead.?

How do you write/make a lead.?
Im in Jr. High and i have to write a stupid essay. I hate writing and reading. Its sooo boring. Anyway how do you write a lead and thesis? Or just lead. Whatever you can answer. im really bad at this stuff. Please Help Me. Im so desperate i went on to yahoo answers. Help pls. 🙂

I’m not sure about leads, but thesis statements aren’t all that tricky.
If I were writing an essay (which thankfully I’m not), that would be my thesis statement! So depending on what you’re writing about, just find your opinion about the subject and pick your topic. So if you were writing a essay about thesis statements, sounds like your thesis would be “thesis statements are hard to write”.
What I’m learning is what my teacher calls “pre-writing” which helps you sharpen your opinion and state your facts easier. Basically you get a general idea of what you want to say in your essay, and then say it. Most likely, you’ll think of more facts or examples to add, or maybe your thesis statement actually changed within the course of the writing. This is the part you’ll hate to hear, because once that’s done you take what you learned in your first attempt and re-write the essay.

But if you want to stick with a moderate essay, all you have to do is take whatever subject you have to write a essay about and form an opinion about it. Then try to rewrite that opinion to eliminate “I” and “you” (ie: I believe that…) and to make your writing even stronger, try to eliminate the use of “there” (ie: There are four kinds of birds in the Arctic.[which is a random sentence, probably not true] Change that to: The Arctic landscape only contains four kinds of birds.)
I’m learning about this myself; but I hope that may have helped =] Good luck!