How does Bronte present Jane Eyre as a rebellious and passionate character?

How does Bronte present Jane Eyre as a rebellious and passionate character?
have a 2000 word essay about how Jane Eyre is presented as a rebellious and passionate character, whilst peppering in how Jeanette in Oranges are not the only Fruit is also presented in this way. I know where Jane is rebellious in the novel, but im really struggling in writing it. Could anyone please give me an example of what i could write, for example a paragraph showing a feature such as a language technique, where it happens and a comment on it. Pleease help, ill be so greatful! 😛

Jane’s rebellious gestures are seen throughout the book and should be, in my opinion, coupled with her book-long search for independence. Think of rebellion not only as revolutionary violence, but also as quiet defiance. Recall Jane and Helen’s friendship at Lowood, even Jane’s acquiescent but questioning demeanor towards Mrs. Reed and her children. Bronte develops Jane not as a hot-headed fire-brand but as a thoughtful seeker who begins to go her own way early on. The affair with Rochester may be considered rebellious, or immoral, but what is certainly rebellious is Jane’s leaving Thornfield, abandoning her master, a servant whose pride and sense of self will not allow her, at this point,despite the luxuries and relative wealth, to be bound in a situation she cannot condone. In short, everything one does to disrupt the established hierarchy may be said to be a rebellious gesture, and Jane, in her good quiet way causes much disruption.