How does one write an excellent argumentative essay?

How does one write an excellent argumentative essay?
What essential components are required?


Pretty it up, find some evidence or quotes or facts to back it up. Create sentences that flow nicely and use persuasive techniques* to make your messages stick into peoples heads. Appeal to emotion and use anecdotes (real-life stories or examples of your opinion in practice) to make people think you’re speaking FOR them.

On the other hand, instead of prettying up your points you can tear down the opposition. Say we’re arguing about abortion. You think that the mother’s health should be the highest priority and are for it. I agree and cannot fight that fact, but what I can counter with is that the babies health is important too. I could then appeal to the readers emotions by talking about how you would be denying a baby his life, how it would be murder etc.

So, simply put. Two techniques.

Make your opinion look good.

Make theirs look bad.

*Persuasive techniques include metaphor, anecdotes, power of three (making the same point three times in different words, it makes it stick in the readers head) or repetition. There are others.


I would suggest using the P.E.E. structure loosely.

That’s Point, Evidence, Explain.

As this is an argumentative essay it doesn’t have to be structured massively but should contain a little structure. You can using P.E.E. to plan your points. If you’re a more confident student you could discard the plan and opt for a more exploratory structure e.g. just speaking/writing as it comes. You should only use this if you are certain you can pull it off though and that you have time to edit afterwards.

Hope this helps, or at least gives you some idea of what to do!