How easy/hard is it to get into USC?

How easy/hard is it to get into USC?
I got a 2010 on the SATs and have a high 90s average. I thought I needed to score a little higher to be able to get in easily, but when i mentioned this to a friend he said “are you kiidding? Dude, you could drool on your SATs and get into USC.” I thought it was fairly difficult to get in to USC, was I wrong, is it really that easy?

USC is not easy to get into – only 24% of USC applicants applicants were accepted in 2009 (USC hasn’t released 2010 numbers yet).

I’m not sure what a high 90s equals on a 4.0 grade scale, but your SAT scores are within the middle 50% range of their average admitted students’ numbers.

Admitted students have an average GPA of 3.8 and a middle SAT range of 1990-2210.

You’re a competitive applicant, so make sure you work on your essay, extracurricular leadership, and, to a lesser extent, letters of recommendation. Private schools are big on essays and extracurricular leadership.