How Hard is AP (Advanced Placement) World History?

How Hard is AP (Advanced Placement) World History?
So I need to choose classes for next year as a sophomore. I am currently enrolled in World History II Honors. It’s okay, I kinda like history(not politics), and I’m doing pretty good in the class. Here’s my grades so far:
Q1: 92
Q2: 94
M1: 77 (midterm exam)
Q3: 97 (so far….only a couple weeks in with like 4 assignments)
Q4: N/A
F1: N/A

I have a couple questions

1. Can I handle it?
2. How hard is it? Some say it’s a joke, others say I’ll have no life
3. Will I have a life? I want a life
4. Rank 1-10, 10 being the hardest
5. How hard is the AP World Exam? Rank 1-10, 10 being the hardest
6. Someone told me i cant fail because the class is scaled: true or false?
7. What happens if i get a 1 on the AP exam?
8. How much is the exam(USD)?
9. At the end of the year, I get +10 on my weighted GPA. What is that? I don’t understand. Also, Honors classes get +8, and CPA +3. What does this mean? Each class I take i get + that many points on my GPA? Lets go over my grades for last quarter:

Math CPA: 98 (+3)
Language CPA: 98 (+3)
English H: 93 (+8)
Science CPA: 88 (+3)
Gym: 90 (+0)
Freshman Prep: 100 (+0)
Art: 88 (+0 i think)
World History II H: 94 (+8)

The +(#) is added on to my weighted gpa. How do i find that? I added all my classes up and found the average of 93.8. I think that’s pretty good. I didn’t add in any +3’s or 8’s yet. So now from my 93.8 do i just add +16 (my two honors classes), and 9(my 3 cpa classes). That doesnt make much sense that my gpa is now 118? Please help lol what am i doing wrong? Thanks!

The class is relative to how fast you can read and take notes. Reading is the main assignment you will be assigned and you only will need to read between 9-17 pages every night. This can range from 1-3 hours of your own personal time, but then again it depends on how fast you can read. You are already taking World History II Honors, so you will have an advantage over others towards the middle of the year. There is six units included in the class: ancient, classical, post-classical, early modern, modern, and 20th century. Ancient and classical are combined together while the others are separated in their own categories, yet one unit can be marginally longer than another one. I heard from peers the exam is one of the easiest, but I can’t say from my own experience. Also, as an additional tip you need to be able to write essays within 25 minutes (remember to always follow the format, too).