How hard is it to get into NYU?

How hard is it to get into NYU?
my GPA is a 91 (I don’t know what that is on the 4point scale) anyways, howdifficult is it to get Ito New York University? Thanks!

NYU is a very selective university. That means it has very rigorous admissions processes, but it also receives 35,000 applications for admission each year. The GPA for already matriculated freshmen at NYU is 3.6 as an average. Your GPA is near to 3.5-3.7 and it will be acceptable to NYU. However, there is another requirement to submit the SAT scores. The SAT scores at NYU range from range from 620-720. Extra curricular activities are also highly valued, Another criteria for admission is volunteerism. It is highly prized in the admission process at NYU. Community service also is highly evaluated at NYU. There also are letters of recommendation that are submitted. And, the college essay requirement is there is an assessment of the candidate’s writing abilities.

The GPA is not the only criteria to judge the qualifications of people who want to be admitted to NYU. In fact, it is only a minor part of the admissions process, However, the final interview with the admissions committee is very important. It is where the candidate’s appearance, poise, and verbal ability is assessed

That is a complete picture of the required information that NYU will need to admit a person to their campus.