How hard is the SAT?

How hard is the SAT?
How hard is the SAT? Easier than the ACT? Harder than the GED? Any good studying tips?

I got 2060 on the SAT. Here’s how I prepared.

Critical Reading- I read lots of wordlists from sites like and I did many practice questions.

Math- My Dad is a great Math teacher, and he helped a lot. If you know a good teacher, ask them to help you out. Do a few diagnostic test and then concentrate on your weakest areas. Keep a log of the problems you got wrong and re-do them at some point to ensure that you’ve honed your skills.

Essay- Again, my Dad. Get someone who will analyze your essays critically and who will give you points to strengthen your argument.
MC- Did lots of worksheets with my Mom.

Apart from this, I also did a very helpful collegeboard prep course on the net. I also did a Kaplan training class which was completely useless and I would never recommend it to anyone.

Bottomline- Don’t worry about how long you study. Make it good study time where you get the most out of the time you spend. If you can get your parents to help or if you have a good teacher who can support you, there’s nothing like it. Finally, be cool while preparing and on test day. The SAT is a minor challenge that we
have to face, so don’t get worried or stressed and don’t let it scare you.

Good luck!