how important is the ACT even ?

how important is the ACT even ?
really. i’ve got it coming up. along with the MME (which i guess is part of the same thing?).
i wont be going to a university – tbqh they’re a money trap and require too many extra classes. i’m going to go to broadcasting school.
in canada.

would you say the ACT is as important as my school makes it seem, with every assignment focused on it? no kidding. we had to write like 4536 essays for practice so our schools ACT scores would go up. and we did practice ACT tests every other day.

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Actually the ACT is a very important test. Even though you are going to a broadcasting school they still require an ACT score from you to be accepted. Most schools require you to have at least a composite of 19 in order to get out of taking remedial classes. Also if you plan on apply for scholarships to help pay for your school, you will have to provide your ACT score for the application. Now the higher your score is the better. Since you have taken several practice test, I think you are pretty well prepared. But you can visit to take free practice test and get a feel for what your composite it will be. Good Luck