How important is the SAT for college acceptance?

How important is the SAT for college acceptance?
Is it possible for me to take the SAT during a two-year college or do I need to take it while I’m still a senior in highschool?

Here’s the deal…If you are matriculating into college right out of High School you must take the SAT or the ACT to complete you college application which includes many items to help qualify a potential student for admission into any institution. But from my experience there are primarily two base criterion to college admission: GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

Now depending on circumstances,i.e. type of curriculum, inconsistencies, multiple HS transcripts the college doing the review will take other things under deeper consideration like essay, extra curricula, etc.

Now if you are planning to go to community college first before trying to enter a senior institution many Jr. colleges will ask for SAT or ACT scores but do not weight them heavily towards admission as long as you have graduated from HS with a competitive diploma.

Hope this helps