how is a photography portfolio presented for uni applications?

how is a photography portfolio presented for uni applications?
I’m looking to go to university to do photography, but I’ve only done fine art at college.
I have pleanty of photographs which can go into a portfolio but I don’t know how to present them.
Any help?

There are some great books out there you can find in most libraries. One I like is “successful Self promotion for Photographers” by Elyse Weissberg. She covers portfolios as well.

For a school portfolio I would look at what photography classes they offer and select our of your images some of each category. You can either choose 2 images of a category and have them face each other in the portfolio or you choose several images to create a photo essay. For example you do a architectural layout; show a building, the interior and then some close ups of architectural detail. Wedding show a wedding photo, individual portraits and then detail close ups of the dress or flowers etc. you get the idea. Do a search under artist portfolio and there are many option you have. You can also check out a book and see how to make your own book. That can make a nice fine art presentation.