How is descriptive writing useful?!?

How is descriptive writing useful?!?
I have to write a reflection for an essay on the rhetorical mode of description, and I have to state how descriptive writing is useful, except i can only think of one thing: to help a reader describe something or get a point across! there’s not really alot of elaboration i can add to that, so any other ideas?!

thank you!

Are you kidding me?! Descriptive writing is awesome! 8D I’m sorry. I know to a lot of people it’s not. 😛 In any case, that one idea is really all you need. I might use examples as well. For instance, something about how descriptive writing could be used to indirectly depict an emotion. Similes and metaphors are great for giving someone reference to what you are trying to get them to imagine. Also, for something more formal like instructions. Say if you were giving an amateur surgeon instructions on how to replace a hip. You’re not going to want to give them basic instructions. You’re going to want to go into detail, giving them specific vocabulary and exact measurements of how to put the person under, where they need to cut, what they need to use, etc.