How is huck fin both romantic and realistic?

How is huck fin both romantic and realistic?
In the novel huck finn how does Twain use elements of romanticism and realism and what is the purpose and the effect he hopes to achieve? Does he succeed? What effect do these elements have on the story and the reader?

Is this an essay question? Here’s a general idea of how you could start off:

“Romanticism in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is evident by the adventurous turn of events the characters experience throughout the story. Mark Twain includes realism by including racism as one of his many themes, therefore giving the story a more serious tone. By combining both these concepts–a serious and realistic message in a setting that emphasizes racism and the flaws of society of Twain’s time with a romantic turn of unrealistic events that are fun to read, Twain is able to create a story that is both enjoyable to read, but also gives a serious message.”

…And that would be the concept for your introduction. I’m aware it isn’t perfect, but this is only to give you a general idea of the question. I’m to tired to write a full essay on a story I haven’t read for several months.