How is my chance at getting into Boston University?

How is my chance at getting into Boston University?
My GPA is 4.29 on weighted and 3.7 not weighted, ranked 27 of 178 (I am taking three AP classes right now, so my unweighted will go down a little, but my weighted GPA and class rank will definitely go up)
my sat is sadly low:
critical reading: 500
Math: 650
Writing: 400
I am planning on taking another one next month, so the score might go up a little.
I am involved in 5 clubs currently, and used to have more(because others no longer exist)
I am from a unique high school , where they provide different academies classes, I am in IT, so I already know many stuffs about computer, and have some programing skill.

Your GPA is fine at about the 75th percentile. Your SAT score is well below the 25th percentile, so your chances of admission do not look very good as only 58% of applicants are admitted.

If you want to have a reasonable chance of admission, you must get some one-on-one coaching from a tutor who is skilled on the reading and writing sections of the SAT. Your question indicates that you have reasonably good, but not perfect, skills in written English. I think that you need to learn how to answer the critical reading questions and how to write an SAT essay and that there is no reason why you cannot learn how to do so.