How is World War I similar to current conflicts?

How is World War I similar to current conflicts?
I am doing an essay on World War I and I am having trouble finding how it’s similar to conflicts today.

No other conflicts since 1918 bear resemblance of WWI around the world. The WWI was about sphere of influence among major players and powers. However, it started as regional war in Balkans where series of localized conflicts that interfered with the ambitions of the major powers in Europe. Serbians, Bulgarians and others fought among each others for what they believed was right for self determination of the nations within the Balkan peninsula. Here the conflict spread out into the war with major European power, which was Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Because Russians were afraid losing their sphere of influence in the Balkans, they attacked Austria first. The treaties among powers worked so remarkably well, that soon entire Europe was in war.
After WWI, Europeans and other world powers quickly realized that it is not worthy to bleed directly at the front lines and utilized proxy warfare about influence. WWII was one of the typical conflict, where British and French did not want to bleed for Poland or Finland. Later, the same attitude was established in Cold War era. USSR or USA never engaged in open warfare with each other. China, Iran, or Pakistan did the same. Russia did not engaged NATO on behalf of Serbia in 1999. Therefore, the system of direct conflict among powers cased to exits, one due having nuclear weapons, other due associated economic cost. People do not feel to pay high sacrifices as they did back then.
Since 2001, all major conflicts are coalition lead wars under NATO and proxy state, and it is very dissimilar to conflicts that existed in Europe between 1648 and 1914.