How long are typical college Essays?

How long are typical college Essays?
About how many words do they make you write usually? Double spaced or not?

Also, what are college essays like usually? What are they about? Are they based on opinion or fact? Some examples so I can get a taste would be wonderful.

Oh, and how frequent are they? Are essays a main part of your grade?


It really depends on your professor and his/her preferences.
For my political science class, we had one paper; it had to be at least 2,000 words. However, just as many other political sciences require you to limit your paper to 1,00 words (sometimes less).
For my GE writing courses, our papers are short (2-3 pages), and we have an essay everytime we meet (twice a week). Only 3 of the essays are graded and count towards my grade. Essays, generally, are based on opinion, supported by facts. The main focus of my writing courses is science and medical ethics. But, I’ve known others where their writing class focuses more on anything from religion to law/ethics.
In college, the essays typically count for a large chunk of your grade (10% or more) but once again, it depends on your professor.
Everything MUST be MLA format (double spaced, times new roman, size 12 font) with correct citation