How long did the Civil Rights Movement last?

How long did the Civil Rights Movement last?
I’m writing an essay, and I can’t seem to find how long it lasted.
Can anyone help?

Well, you can’t find out how long it lasted because it didn’t really end. If you’re talking specifically about the sixties, you could date it with the 1964 Civil Rights Act where all groups were on the same issue at the same time. After this date, groups fragmented into Anti-Vietnam War protests, feminist groups (the second wave feminists stretching into the seventies or later), Nation of Islam groups (Malcolm X) and violence, and strictly Dr. King who died in 1968.

You could even make the argument that civil rights fights didn’t really end until Obama became President because finally the U.S. was in all sectors of society fully desegregated and the land of opportunity for all peoples.

Even into the 80s Gay Rights activism (which is still going strong without full civil rights) and sexual harassment cases in American courts are obvious examples of the continuing civil rights struggles.