How LONG is a 500 word essay??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

How LONG is a 500 word essay??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
i heard they should be 2 pages. but what would be the most appropriate lenght???? 😀

Most schools will accept essays and other homework typed on a computer using a size 12 font with a top and bottom margin of 1 inch and right and left margins of 1/2 of an inch each side. Two pages single spaced using these demensions would average about 1,122 words for the total 2 page document. So one page single spaced would obviously be approximately 561 words. Double spaced one page would equal about 561 words. Of course it all depends on the words you choose to write. If you follow that guide you should be able to type up your hand written essay and then be able to estimate whether you’ve written too much or not enough. If you use Microsoft Word it will tell you exactly how many words you have typed by clicking on “Tools” in your tool bar. You might want to use that format in case your teacher actually sits down and counts the words in your essay. I have seen it where the teacher has lowered marks if you use a larger font than 12. They know that you are just trying to fill in space with any size larger then 12.
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p.s. everything that I typed above Good Luck equals 198 words.