How long should I be revising for?

How long should I be revising for?
I’m doing my GCSE’s through this year (year10) and next year (year11). I am taking 8 subjects, and then I’m doing 2 extra GCSE’s (making that 10). I know its quite early in the year, but I really want to start making the most of the time I have to revise – I’m really active in school life, and I do clubs everyday except friday. I really want to do well ;D I have exams soon, so how long should I be revising for? How many hours do you guys recommend that I revise for? Thanks everyone 😀

I’m guessing you have some modules in January. While you still have school, you shouldn’t overwork yourself with revision, however, I do highly recommend getting into the habit of revising.
If I was you, I would go over the things that you learnt in class that day, so that they really stick in your mind. If there’s something you don’t understand, sort it out immediately – ask a teacher, go over some exercises, etc.
The key is to revise little but often. For example, with maths, you could do half an hour of problems and exercises each day, choosing a different topic each day. For English, you could work on an essay question every week, writing a little every day so that you complete the essay fully.
When you finish school for Christmas (or even half term, seeing as that’s coming up soon), you could up your work ethic a little.
It all comes down to how long you can revise for before you get distracted. I know that personally, I can be completely focused on revision for 30-40 minutes, but then I need to take a break, as I become useless. Find out your personal limits and work with them.
I hope this helped, and best of luck with your exams(: