how long should my essay be?

how long should my essay be?
i am applying to be a CIT for a summer camp for next summer and it says “please attach a short essay explaining what strengths you would bring to the CIT program and why you want to become a CIT” how long would you consider “short” sentence wise?

Girl Scout camp? I did all 3 years as a CIT at girl scout camp and we had the exact same question. Just say what you have liked at camp before (if you have been to that camp before) and what you look forward to learning more about (like, say you are really interested in learning how to help campers how are having a hard time trying new things, write that). List things that could be considered a strength in a camp setting (I wrote that I’m an outside of the box thinker, caring and really good at listening).

You probably don’t want it to be more then 1 page. If you have one or two strong paragraphs, you are probably fine.

Good luck!!

<3 Olive (Olive is my camp name)