How long should my resume be?

How long should my resume be?
it is for a first year teaching job

Depends. (First of all, I’m business major so not completely sure if it would be the same for teaching, but I’m sure the principles are the same).

I was taught to be a brief and specific as possible on my resume. I have edited my resumes a few times and got it finalized to be only one page long. I think it depends on how you are approaching your interviewer. If it is an informal interviewing process (such as a career fair) then I think one page would be good. You don’t want the recruiter to be flipping through your pages (it just makes it more that they have to read which can be very tiring depending on how many they have to look at). By making it short and sweet, you can make something just stick out and draws the recruiter’s eye. Most of the time, they just skim through resumes until they find the ones they like and then actually read them.

At the actual interview yourself, you can probably create a small resume portfolio that’s bound with a cover letter (one for each interviewer). But you still want to keep it short and sweet. Because like I said before, interviewers to not want to read essays when it comes to resume but if you have a lot of experiences that you truly believe that needs to be listed that will help you get the job, then go ahead and put it down.

Also be sure to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar as interviewers look at those heavily. You can also always seek help from someone who teaches and ask them for advice and maybe to help you check if your resume is done correctly.

Hope that helps and good luck!