How many sentences should a body paragraph in a formal essay have?

How many sentences should a body paragraph in a formal essay have?
This is the format our teacher wnated us to follow (gr.12 english)
Each line is its own paragraph:

-POINT 1+subpoint

(10 paragraphs)

how many sentences should one of those body paragraphs have? I have 5 for each, including the quote, and it only takes up maybe 1/4 of the page for each paragraph.

So im thinking in a gr.12 U course I should have more than 5 sentences per paragraph. However, at the same time i have a lot of paragraphs–each sub point is its own paragraph.

what should i do?

INTRO–3-6 sentences. It should be the best paragraph because it makes the “first impression.” the first sentence or two should be the hook; the sentence(s) that catch(es) the reader’s attention. Then the topic sentences, and a conclusion sentence for the intro–that basically sums it all up.

POINT 1–4-8 sentences, but a minimum of 5 is more recommended. Same thing for Point 2 and 3.
It’s a good idea to have some catchy hook sentences here and there in the body paragraphs, too. Make the reader enjoy reading it. Make it seem like you’re talking to them.

Conclusion–same as Intro. It should have a hook–but this time at the very last sentence would be preferable. Can depend on the essay and setup, though.

Also, I would recommend putting all the subpoints into one paragraph. Unless you’re gonna have 4 sentences for each subpoint–and I repeat subpoint–then you might as well put them all in one paragraph to organize it. (Not ALL the subpoints, but all the subpoints for point 1, then for point 2, etc.)

Less isn’t always more, but make sure you use as much as you need.